It's art, so indulge.



ARTSO strives to encourage your desire to indulge in the arts.  We provide outstanding artistic presentations to create an experience that not only engages your senses, but also stimulates, enriches and inspires.  Feel free to indulge and let us quench your appetite for good art   “It’s ART SO Indulge”

About Artso

ARTSO is a creative brand who is passionate about reframing the way we consume and create art. Our goal is to challenge and inform the creative community on how to maintain a standard of excellence by creating innovative, impactful, and inspiring art forms. Therefore, we work to highlight innovative, high quality and culture preserving artists and artforms. We don’t only present art, we seek to create an experience that engages the senses. We invite you to taste and indulge in these art forms. #itsartsoindulge

Trisha Bell, Founder

At the core of Trisha Bells existence lies a deep connection to and passion for the Arts for over the last 15 years. Beginning as a dancer, choreographer and actress, Bell has expanded her talents as an artist manager, makeup artist, and event planner. She has worked with many artists, while also organizing concerts, including the widely successful Beast Mode Tour (featuring artists from Lamp Mode and Humble Beast Records). In addition, her talent afforded her the opportunity to display her make-up artistry on 106th and Park and the BET Honors Awards.

As the CEO and Founder, Trisha Bell has partnered with various professionals to redefine her company ARTSO and shape it into one that offers unique and vital services to display and produce high quality art. She is determined to see her vision of positively impacting the music industry and creative community, come to pass and is in fact, well on her way.

Nicholas Wilson, Creative Director

He recently graduated from Cairn University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Secondary Education English. As Creative Director, Wilson works to assure that the branding and marketing strategy of every client is clear, effective and excellent. It is Wilson’s desire to effectively draw the greatest qualities of each of ARTSO’s clients and display it alongside their craft for the world to indulge in.

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